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MM slash DD slash YYYY
hereinafter referred to as “Licensee”
Whereas, the parties desire to enter into this Agreement so as to allow Licensee to use the Association’s*
with the area (s) to be used being hereinafter referred to as the “Premises”, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement. NOTE: RENTAL OF THE CLUBHOUSE DOES NOT IMPLY USE OF THE POOL AND DECK. RENTAL OF THE CLUBHOUSE IS FOR THE CLUBHOUSE ONLY. ANY OUTSIDE MUSIC MUST CEASE AT 10:00 PM


It is, therefore covenanted and agreed between the parties as follows:

1. Association shall permit Licensee to use the Premises for the period
beginning at
MM slash DD slash YYYY
ending at
MM slash DD slash YYYY
hereafter Referred to as the “Term”.

2. The Association hereby acknowledges receipt from the Licensee of a license fee, hereafter referred to as the “Fee”:
paid prior hereto for the use of the Premises for the Term.

3. Licensee hereby acknowledges that the Premises are in good condition and agrees to leave the Premises at the end of the Term in as good condition as received, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and will not make any alterations, additions or improvements to the Premises. Any costs for excessive cleaning or damages caused by Licensee and/or Licensee’s family, agents, guests or invitees will be paid by Licensee within ten (10) days of Association mailing to Licensee a statement itemizing said costs or damages and requesting payment. In the event Licensee fails to pay said sum within the specified time frame, Licensee hereby authorizes the Association to suspend Licensee’s and Licensee’s family’s rights to use the Association’s facilities until Licensee pays to the Association said costs and damages. The right of the Association to suspend the Licensee’s use of the Association’s facilities shall be in addition to any other right or remedy available to the Association.

4. Licensee agrees not to make or permit any unseemly or disturbing noises or conduct by Licensee, Licensee’s family, agents, guests or invitees, nor do or permit any illegal or immoral conduct or obstruct or interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other occupants of lots within the Summit Chase Townhouse Association or the Summit Chase Homeowners Association. Loud noise is prohibited after 10:00 pm. Licensee agrees to turn off any music and limit any noise after 10:00 pm. Licensee will not knowingly permit to enter the Premises, or to remain therein, any person of bad or loose character or of improper behavior.

5. Licensee, contemporaneously with the execution of this Agreement, has deposited with the Association the sum of $250.00 . Said deposit shall be held by the Association as security for the faithful performance by Licensee of all the terms, covenants, and conditions of this Agreement. If the Association shall sustain any damages because of Licensee’s breach of this Agreement, The Association may appropriate and apply all, or a portion of said deposit, to the payment of any such damage. Any portion of such deposit, which shall not be utilized for any such purpose, shall be returned to the Licensee following the expiration of this Agreement.

6. Licensee shall not assign the Agreement, or grant any further license or concession, for all or any part of the Premises. Licensee must be present at the Premises at all times during the Term.

7. The Association shall not be liable for any injury, damages or loss to person or property caused by the Licensee, or Licensee’s family, agents, guests, or invitees or other persons, or caused by theft, vandalism, or other causes, unless the same is exclusively due to the omission, fault, negligence, or other misconduct of the Association. Licensee agrees to indemnify the Association and save it harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability, and expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury and/ or damage to property during the Term arising from, or out of, any occurence in, upon or at the Premises, or the use by Licensee of the Premises or occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission of Licensee, its agents, family, guests or invitees. Furthermore, Licensee agrees to pay the Association for all damages to the Premises caused by misuse, waste or neglect by Licensee, its family, agents, guests or invitees.

8. Licensee and its family, agents, guests and invitees must abide by all of the Association’s rules and regulations now in effect, or which hereafter may be promulgated by the Association, with respect to the use and operation of the Premises.

9. The decision as to whether and when the swimming pool will be open is solely that of the Association acting through the pool manager or lifeguard. Licensee acknowledges that the swimming pool may be closed during the Term due to climatic conditions. If the swimming pool is closed during any portion of the Term, Licensee will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the Fee.

10. Steps, walkways, pools decks, etc. can be slippery when wet. Licensee agrees to use extreme caution and to so advise its family, agents, guests and invitees.

11. No illegal drugs shall be brought into or consumed within, the Premises, No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed within the swimming pool.

12. Notwithstanding anything herein contained to the contrary, Licensee and Licensee family, agents, guests and invitees may not use the swimming pool and / or pool deck after 12:00 midnight.
13. Licensee is responsible for leaving the Premises in a broom clean condition. All trash and refuse must be removed from Premises.

14. Minors using the Premises must always be supervised by a responsible adult.

15. Except for guide dogs, which must be leashed at all times, no other animals are allowed on the Premises at any time.

16. If this Agreement allows Licensee the use of the swimming pool, then during the Term, a lifeguard from, Continental Pools , who holds a current lifesaving/water safety certificate, standard first aid certificate, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate, must be in attendance at the Premises. The lifeguard is responsible for the enforcement of all pool rules and regulations, and is authorized to close the swimming pool at any time and to require any person(s) to leave the Premises.

17. Appropriate attire must be worn always while on the Premises, and no one is permitted to enter the clubhouse while wearing wet bathing attire.

18. No glass, china, bottles or anything breakable may be brought into, or used within, the pool area at any time.

19. At the expiration of the Term, Licensee shall secure and lock the Premises and, within 24 hours thereafter, deliver the keys to the Premises to the Association’s agent as designated below.

20. This Agreement sets forth all agreements, conditions and understandings between the Association and Licensee concerning the Premises, and there are no agreements, conditions or understandings, either oral or written, between them other than as are herein set forth.


(Please Print)
Pelican Property Management, Inc
8725 Loch Raven Blvd.
Parkville, MD 21286


Please review the items listed below & initial each one as it applies. Please return this form with the contract. The key must be returned the next business day prior to 11:00 a.m.; unless prior arrangements were made with management. Pelican Property Management is located at 8725 Loch Raven Blvd Suite 201 Towson, MD 21286. Phone: 410-645-1865

The Association does not provide a cleaning service after each event. Several events may be booked back to back in the Clubhouse, therefore, it will be necessary for you to leave the facility clean. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the cost of the additional cleaning service. Please be mindful of the trash that is placed in the restroom bins. You are required to remove all trash from premises. Do not put diapers, food, beverages or other perishable items in the restroom bins. During the pool season you are still required to inspect the trash bins and empty if there are perishable items or if overflowing. If the pool is open and you notice a restroom bin is full, please instruct the guard to empty. Do NOT place your trash in the pool deck bins. During the pool season there is a dumpster in the parking lot. You may put your bagged waste in there; room permitting. Do NOT place large/bulk items next to the dumpster, the vendor will not remove and the Association will have the expense of removing those items. Below is the check-list with a monetary range assigned if you fail to adequately perform the task. Fees will be assessed against your deposit.
  • Bathroom cleaning ($25-$50 per bathroom) Must be cleaned after each event and left in the same condition as before the event. All trash must be removed from the trash bin.
  • Carpet cleaning ($25-$250) Carpet should be vacuumed so that crumbs are removed. The carpet is steam-cleaned not less than 2X per year. If there are noticeable stains that require professional cleaning to remove you may lose your entire deposit.
  • Trash removed/grounds in order ($50-$250) All trash must be removed from premises. No trash, cigarette butts, balloon strings, signs or other miscellaneous items left on the ground, in landscape beds, tied to the doors, windows, railings, light poles. PLEASE DO NOT USE TAPE ON WALLS OR CEILINGS. Cost to remove tape- $50-$100. Any additional tables and chairs must be removed at the end of your function. Any different arrangements must be submitted in writing.
  • Glass door cleaning ($25-$75) Please remove any noticeable hand/finger prints from the entrance doors.
  • Windows secured ($50-$100) All windows must be closed and locked.
  • Thermostat set ($25-$100) The thermostat should be returned to a normal setting or turned off-weather permitting. (74* in summer and 68* in winter)
  • Lights Off ($50-$100) All lights in the Clubhouse and restrooms should be turned off. The pool deck lanterns are on a timer. The guards are responsible for the pool deck lighting.
  • Doors secured ($50-$100) The bathroom doors that lead to the Clubhouse must be locked from inside the Clubhouse. The rear doors leading to the pool deck must be locked. The emergency exit doors to the right of the Clubhouse must be secured. The front doors (both interior & exterior) must be locked. (lifeguards are responsible for securing the pool area-but you should verify)
  • Emergency Calls ($25) If there is a call to the Emergency Line of Pelican Property Management, Inc
  • Emergency Response from Pelican Property Management ($75 hrly) If a Pelican Property Management representative responds to Summit Chase Rec.

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