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Please review the Access Committee Information Sheet before completing this form.
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All new homeowners receive two (2) Key Fobs, at no cost, to access the Fallston Commons Clubhouse.  Entry Key Fobs, like other electronic devices, will wear out over time and will need to be replaced. Replacement of lost, stolen, or worn-out Key Fobs is a homeowner responsibility.

Please complete and submit this form in accordance with the submission instructions provided below.  A separate request form must be completed for each individual resident requesting a new or replacement Key Fob.  Once you receive your Key Fob(s) please make note of the number(s) on the back of each and store it in a safe place.  This will allow the Key Fob to be deactivated in the event it is lost or stolen.
Key FOB Requested: (Mark the desired service)*
If a request is being made for a Key Fob that has been lost, stolen, or broken, a replacement must be purchased for a fee of $25.00.  Payment may be made with an online submission using the credit card payment system provided by Pelican.  With a manual submission, payment is to be made by check payable to “Fallston Commons Homeowners Association” and mailed with the completed original form to:

Fallston Commons HOA, c/o Pelican Property Management, 8725 Loch Raven Blvd., Suite 201, Towson, MD 21286

To Submit:

 Online using your computer. Open the Pelican Management website at com, click on “Community Forms,” scroll down to “Fallston Commons Forms,” and select, complete, and submit the Key Fob Request Form on-line.  Pelican will automatically inform the Access Committee of any service request; or,
  1. Download from the Pelican Resident Portal. Access the FC HOA Portal, select “Shared Documents,” and then “Forms.”  If desired, a link is provided to direct the user to the online Option 1 above.  Otherwise, select, download, print, manually complete and submit the desired form as instructed on the document; or.
  2. Pick up copies at the clubhouse in the Access Committee Letter Tray. Select, manually complete, and submit the desired form as instructed on the document.
 The completed form may be photographed, or scanned, and the copy emailed to access@fallstoncommons.org, or deposited in the Access Committee Document Submission folder in the Clubhouse.       

Questions regarding use of and procedures for the Access System should be directed to the

Access Committee via access@fallstoncommons.org.

Revised April 11, 2024

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