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Approved July 2006 - Revision date: 11/2019

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Time Limits:
  • The clubhouse is available to rent for up to six (6) hours

Owners must be in attendance during this function, and all occupants must leave the clubhouse by 11:45 PM. Owners not in attendance will forfeit their deposit.

Expenses (one day): $160 rental fee ($150 to HOA and $10 to management) & a $500 refundable security deposit.

Security Deposits:
If the clubhouse is found to be in satisfactory condition by the HOA, the party renting the facility will be refunded the entire security deposit. Security deposits will be automatically forfeited if groups exceed the limit of 100 people; if lessees are not present at the event; or if there is any sign of a crab feast inside the clubhouse. Partial or full deposit may be forfeited if the restrictions below are not followed or if damage is done to the clubhouse. Damages that exceed the amount of the deposit will be billed to the lessee.

Security Deposit Refund:
After your event, request a refund of your security deposit, by completing the Oyster Cove Homeowners Association Clubhouse Deposit Return Request form that is found on our website.

Oyster Cove Management will:
  • Check the clubhouse for cleanliness before and after the event
  • Supply toilet paper and paper towels plus trash bags.
  • Paper products found in the clubhouse such as napkins and paper plates are for use at HOA events only.

The clubhouse shall be cleaned after use by the renter. This includes, but not limited to:
Wiping tables, bar and kitchen
Removing all food from the premises (including the refrigerator)
Putting furniture back to its original space
Turning off all lights including bathroom lights
Removing anything hung from the fireplace, lights, chairs or walls
Putting dishes and glasses used into dishwasher and running it
Locking all doors and sliders
Place bags of trash in outside trash containers (bags left on the ground have an extra charge of $10/bag) If you expect to have large quantities of trash, request a third trash can to be brought to the clubhouse from the shed.

  • Owner is to be present at the event at all times
  • Use of clubhouse facilities is limited to owners, their tenants and their guests with owners being ultimately responsible for the conduct of anyone at the event.
  • Setting up or decorating the day/night before the clubhouse is rented is not permitted, unless the party renting the facility is willing to pay for an additional day.
  • Clubhouse rental does not include exclusive use of the pool. If more than 10 guests are being taken to the pool, management requires 14 days’ notice to add a guard at renter’s expense.
  • Unless accompanied by an adult, children under 16 are not allowed inside the clubhouse.
  • No crab feasts are allowed inside the clubhouse. Any sign that a crab feast was held in the clubhouse will result in the loss of the deposit (this includes garbage bags). A tent on the clubhouse deck is encouraged. It helps provide protection from the sun and rain and helps to keep people outside during crab feasts.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn inside the clubhouse. No wet swimsuits are allowed.
  • Furniture must be returned to original location. No inside furniture may be taken outside the clubhouse. No stacking of furniture.
  • If you are going to rent tables and chairs be sure that they have rubber protectors on all legs so they don’t scratch the floor.
  • Talking and music must be kept low so that your neighbors are not bothered by noise, especially outside.
  • Absolutely no smoking in the clubhouse.
  • No parking on lawn areas.
  • No pets.
  • Thermostat is preset. If you need it warmer or cooler hit the up or down arrows on the thermostat. It will stay on the new temperature for 2 hours and then it will reset itself.

I agree to follow the above rules. If I or any of my guests do not adhere to the rules or damage the property, I’m aware that all or some of my deposit may be forfeited.

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