Oyster Cove Kayak Rack, Ramp & Floating Dock Use Form


  • Kayak Rack, Ramp & Floating Dock Use (Form #1)

    Please complete and return the below to management to register your kayak(s) for the Kayak Rack. By submitting this form and remitting payment you are agreeing to abide by the attached Kayak Rules. Once a completed form and payment in full has been received you will be assigned a spot(s) on the rack. You will be informed of your assigned spot(s) and mailed your registration sticker(s) upon successfully registering. You must visibly display your registration on your kayaks, any kayak not visibly displaying a registration sticker is subject to removal from the rack. The following vessels are permitted to be stored on the Kayak Rack: kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards.

    Spots on the Kayak Rack are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

    Owner Information

    Part 1-Kayak Rack Storage

    ($45.00 per rack spot per year, payment should be made payable to Oyster Cove HOA)

    Description of Vessel: Please provide a brief description of the vessel that you will be storing on the Kayak Rack. The Kayak Rack is numbered 1-93.

    Please provide the type, length, and the color of the kayak

    • 45 $
    • $
    • $

    Please provide the type, length, and color of the kayak

    • 45 $
    • $
    • $

    Please note: That you are not guaranteed to receive any of your preferred spots or the same spot you have used in the past.

    Part 2 Ramp & Floating Dock

    Only non-boat slip owners need to pay this fee. Slip owners already have use of the ramp and floating dock. ($25 per vessel, made payable to the Oyster Cove Boat Basin Association) Non-slip owners or renters must also complete Form #5 License Agreement between Kayak, Canoe & paddleboard and Boat Basin.


    1. When paddling in the Marina 1 channel, kayakers will stay to the marsh side of the main channel.
    2. Kayakers must yield to power and sailboats when maneuvering in the Marina 1 channel.
    3. Launching of kayaks should only take place between sunrise and sunset unless proper lighting is shown.
    4. While on the floating dock, launching or retrieving, kayakers will quickly make way for power or sail boats moving to use the floating dock. Boats have priority.
    5. Kayaks may be on the floating dock only during loading and unloading and not for more than 15 minutes at a time.
    6. Kayakers will make every effort to avoid blocking the parking lot while loading and unloading kayaks.
    7. No one under age 13 will be on the dock launching or retrieving a kayak unless accompanied by an adult.
    8. The donning of life jackets shall be mandatory while launching and disembarking kayaks and while paddling in and out of the marina and channel areas.
    9. Only registered vessels will be stored on the assigned rack space and must be kept in a neat manner.
    10. No oars, life jackets, ropes or other accessory items shall NOT be stored in the kayak rack.
    11. Kayakers who do not own or lease a boat slip are required to sign a “License Agreement” prior to using the floating dock (Form #5).
    12. Any continued disregard for these rules may result in revocation of the privilege to utilize the kayak rack or the marina facilities.
    13. All kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards being stored on the Kayak Rack must visibly and legibly display the owner’s name and unit number.
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