• At Pelican Property Management we are continually making strides in our goal of providing the most efficient means of communication. We have recently made significant upgrades to our systems that enable us to provide both email and electronic notifications with regards to your community. The email and electronic communication will include, but not limited to, notice of association/board meetings, proxies, ballots and membership information. Prior to us enabling this feature on your account we are required by law, under The Real Property Act (MD Ann. Code Real Property, Section 11-139.1}, to gain your written authorization. Please submit the form below in order for us to activate your account.
  • To Board of Directors: I/We hereby authorize the association to provide electronic and email membership notices including, but not limited to, meetings, ballots and proxies to the following email address:
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    Please return the following information regardless of the Electronic and Email Authorization:
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  • ***If you have a renter living in your home please provide this contact information

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