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Wyndham Commons Condominium Association, Inc.
Event / Meeting Room Reservation Agreement
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A current unit owner must be present for the full duration of the event. Event / Meeting Room Reservation Agreement
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Rooms are available for use Mon-Saturday, 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., by reservation only.
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(Two Hundred Dollar Non-Refundable Flat Fee). The board of directors implemented this fee on May 02, 2023, to help offset the cost of maintaining the community rooms. Event Insurance is required: You are required to purchase event insurance to cover any damage or liability relating to your event. This can be purchased online, or you can inquire about availability with your homeowner’s insurance. The minimum limit acceptable for liability due to injury of an attendee is Three Hundred Thousand Dollars $300,000 which is the same as required by homeowner’s insurance. You must provide proof of insurance before your event with Wyndham Commons listed as the venue.
(Five Hundred Dollar) Deposit (flat fee) refundable in whole or in part. Your refund depends solely on the way the space is left after the conclusion of your event and if any issues/problems occurred in conjunction with your event. If your event insurance does not have a deductible, you will be exempt from providing the security deposit.

To secure your reservation, the following must be provided:

  1. Complete and submit this online form
  2. Non-refundable payment of $200
  3. Proof of event insurance listing Wyndham Commons as additional insured and including the clubhouse address of 307 Wyndham Circle, Owings Mills, MD 21117.
  4. A $500 security deposit is also required if your event insurance has a deductible.

Security Deposit Refund: After your event, request a refund of your security deposit, by completing the Wyndham Commons Clubhouse Security Deposit Return Request. If damages and/or violations of the terms of this agreement occur; you agree you are fully responsible and that any amounts not covered by insurance or deposit will be assessed to the unit owners’ account that made the reservation in the same way that the Council makes assessments for dues.

UNIT OWNER/LESSEE LIABILITY: The Wyndham Commons Condominium Association assumes no liability for any injury to persons or damage caused to personal/public property. Unit Owner hereby assumes responsibility for any injury sustained to any guests invited or uninvited that enter the Clubhouse rooms leased by the unit owner during the full duration of the rental and all damage to the Condominium’s Event/Meeting Room(s), their contents and/or other Condominium Property as a result (directly or indirectly) of this function. The leasing unit owner also agrees to fully indemnify the Council in the event any legal action arises as a result directly or indirectly, from the unit owners’ event.

Room(s) must be completely cleaned and vacated no later than 9:00 p.m. on the scheduled function date.

GUEST PARKING: Guests must park near the dumpsters (not in front of any buildings) and walk behind the buildings to enter directly into the Community Rooms. This will require the host to arrive early to let the guests in. The Council is trying to avoid disturbing unit owners’ right to peaceful enjoyment of their homes and the wear and tear of groups of people entering through the lobbies and using the elevators.

Guests parking in areas not approved will be considered a violation of this agreement. We thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation!

The signer of this agreement has read and agrees to abide by all Terms and Rules/Procedures as stated.

Property Manager Approval Date

Wyndham Commons Community Rooms Rules

  1. The Wyndham Commons Condominium Assn. can deny the right to reserve the community rooms for any reason other than those reasons protected under federal or state laws.
  2. Only a current unit owner must make any community room reservation with payment.
  3. The unit owner reserving the community room(s) is required to attend the event and is responsible for ensuring the room is returned to the condition it was in when reserved. In the absence of the unit owner during the event, the Board has the right to terminate the activity immediately.
  4. If a unit owner allows condominium fees to become delinquent, they will not be allowed to reserve the community room.
  5. Since this is a 55+ community exempt from discrimination relating to age pursuant to The Federal Housing Act, children’s birthday parties, or other children’s parties are not permitted. Family celebrations with children are allowed and welcomed if the unit owner reserves the Clubhouse and assumes responsibility for supervising the children and ensuring that the Clubhouse does not sustain any damage resulting from the children of guests.
  6. No PHYSICAL activity such as running, playing ball, or any other physical game activity is allowed in the clubhouse during events. Board games and crafts are acceptable forms of entertainment for children attending family events.
  7. The Fitness Room and Game Rooms as well are not available for reservation or entrance by event guests.
  8. Guests/attendees are not allowed to use the Fitness Room or Game Room.
  9. Guests/attendees must stay in the room(s) reserved by the event holder and not enter other parts of the condominium regime.
  10. If a reserving unit owner intends to serve alcohol at their function (no hard liquor—just beer and wine), they hereby certify that they are doing so in conformance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations including any licensing regulations and that they assume all liability and have purchased the required insurance in connection with the service of alcohol.
  11. Unit owners reserving the community rooms will be liable for all damage and violations of the Council’s Governing Documents and Rules. Costs to repair said damage or resulting fines for violation of this agreement shall be deducted from the deposit and/or assessed to the reserving unit owner’s account as laid out above. The unit owner is responsible for facilitating any claims to cover damages.
  12. Meeting room reservations shall be for non-profit, non-commercial use only.
  13. The community room(s) hours of use for reserved events are 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Rooms can only be reserved Monday-Saturday. The renter has 2 hours prior to the event time to set up and 1 hour after to clean up. Clean up must be completed no later than 9 pm.
  14. Pets are not allowed in any of the community rooms at any time.
  15. The use of non-reserved areas by any non-resident guest is strictly prohibited. The unit owner/host is responsible for ensuring that guests do not use rooms that are off-limits.
  16. Noise in the community rooms must be kept at a level so that it does not disturb neighboring residents.
  17. Nothing shall be used to decorate the venue for events that will result in damage to the Clubhouse. The reserving unit owner is responsible for any damage caused by decorating the room(s).
  18. The reserving unit owner is responsible for ensuring that all attendees/guests using the community rooms abide by these established rules and procedures.
  19. The reserving unit owner is responsible for replacing any trash bags and/or other items used for their event.
  20. Any violation of this agreement or the Council’s rules may result in a fine to the reserving unit owner in the amount of one hundred dollars in addition to any amounts paid for damages.

The signer of this agreement has read and agrees to abide by all Terms and Rules/Procedures as stated.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

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