According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of carbon emissions, 12% of total water consumption, and 68% of total electricity consumption in the United States. What does your property management do to ensure sustainability? A study found by Nielsen discovered that 81% of consumers around the world believe it is more important than ever to take initiative and improve the environment. Improving sustainability not only benefits the environment but it also benefits your business as well. Today’s consumers are always looking for the most innovative and advanced technology that also offers sustainability and efficiency. If you cannot continuously improve your sustainable efforts, the risk of losing to the competition becomes greater. 2020 is the year to prioritize green initiatives and stability putting yourself ahead of the competition and attracting more renters, improve image, and help save the planet.

Tips to Elevate Your Green Initiative

1.) Energy-efficient Appliances
Energy Star appliances have become a big name in sustainable appliances while more and more renters and investors are looking for more efficient appliances. Consumers are also looking for the state of the art technology such as smart thermostats which allows users to use their smartphones to interact with their homes.

2.) Renewable energy
Renewable energy such as solar panels is proven to cut utility costs and reduce a property’s carbon impact. With tremendous improvements in solar panel technology, solar panels are becoming applicable to more properties. Commercial solar panels are also connected to the power grid which allows property managers to receive credits if their solar panels give excess electricity
to the grid. Property managers could also implement car charging stations that allow people with electric cars to charge them. Although it will not lower utility costs it attracts electric vehicle owners and improves the overall image of the property.

3.) Recycling Program
Although recycling is not something new, a significant amount of buildings do not have a recycling program implemented for their residents. Having somewhere for residents to dispose of their recycling, increases customer satisfaction knowing they live somewhere ecofriendly. In addition to a recycling program, property managers may want to implement an area for residents to dispose of difficult items such as car batteries.

By implementing these and other key green initiatives you can reduce costs, improve the appearance and overall image, while also having a positive impact on the environment.